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My Name is Richard Schley, and I'm an Author, Speaker, and Coach that helps people around the world and gets them better results in all areas of their Lives.
In my Podcasts I decided to share as much as I can from what I have learned in my 59 years of experience. 

In my product Portfolio you can find various books, audio courses and 1:1 Coachings.
Everything that I can use to support my audience on their way to SUCCESS.
My Podcast
 Success Series 
 Money Series (coming soon)
In my Podcasts I decided to share as much 
as I can from what I have learned in my 
59 years of experience. 
Upcoming Events
Four times a year I am holding a live Event in Switzerland.
To lear more about my events please contact me directly. 
Just send me an Email to the following Email address:

ziegener05 @
My Products
 Coaching (please contact me directly)
 Courses (coming soon)
"Richard helped me live a Life I never 
believed was possible..."
Since more than 30 years I am listening to the teachings of Richard and my Life has been truly magical because of him and everything he taught me. I am more than grateful! Thank you Richard - for Everything
- Renate de Graaff
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The Success Series
Upcoming Event
My next Live Event will be in Weite, Switzerland on:
 due to the Corona Virus we have not decided on a certain date yet...
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If you have any questions or concerns please contact me anytime via Email.
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