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About Me
About Richard
My name is Richard Schley. 

I’ve been on this planet since January 1935 and I’ve learned a few powerful truths along the way and a lot of these lessons I had to learn the hard way. 

In fact, I struggled early on. Failure, disappointment, pain and frustration seemed to hound me. It didn’t matter what I was working on. Whether it was a small project or a big one, or any other undertaking in between, I just had a tough time making headway. 

I got lucky from time to time and things worked out, but most of the time, I was pretty much disappointed. Things never seemed to pan out the way I expected them to. 

I had all these hopes and dreams and wishes, but nothing seemed to work.

On the 3rd of January of 1957 I started a new life, a very successful life. 
A few years later I became a millionaire. 

All this happened in the most magnificent way. How it all happened I will tell you, so that you all can experience the same wonderful and abundant life as I do. 

It is something completely magical and miraculous. 

Yes, magic does exist, but you have to get it into your hands!

And I will take your hand in order to guide you towards a magical life!!

Your Friend and Mentor 
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My Books
In my 59 years of Experience I....
Therefore I have written quite a few books already. Some of them in English, some of them in German. 

Two of them I will offer you for a very special price! The reason for this is that I would like to support as many people as possible to get the life they are dreaming about.

Just click on the links below the books to take the advantage of these special offer today!!
In my book "No-Nonsense Manifestation" you will...
"Struggles into Blessings" is the best read if you really want to....
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