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Your Values
Written by Richard Schley on May 5th 2019
If you would like to understand what kind of role your values play in your life you need to read the following article that I have written just for you:
Be Clear About Your Values and Use Them as Your Compass and Map

One of the reasons many people struggle to move ahead or achieve anything significant with their lives is the simple fact that they don't have a direction to go.

Their lack of success has nothing to do with their intelligence level, nor does it have anything to do with their level of motivation and focus.

These people are smart enough. These people are not idiots. They are definitely not lazy. Unfortunately, just like sailing a boat, if you don't have a clear destination and tools that would enable you to get to your destination, you're going to be lost. 

At the very least, you're going to be sailing around in circles, wasting a lot of time, effort and energy and, ultimately, it will boil down to a matter of luck if you end up where you want to end up.

If you're sailing or driving, you need at least two things: a compass and a map. 
It's important to keep this in mind if you want to achieve victory in life. If you want to transform your hopes and dreams into reality, you have to have a direction. This is where your values come in.

Integrity is all about living a more principled life. Your values set your direction. That's how they function, like a compass. A compass would tell you whether you're going east, west, north or south. It tells you the direction you are headed. And by comparing this direction to your map, you would know quickly if you're headed in the right direction. 

You might need to change directions. You might need to take a detour.

The reason why you are able to make those decisions is because you have a map guiding you. Your values act as your map as well. You can easily tell whether you're acting according to your values or not. Put this all together and it's easy to see how practicing integrity, as far as your values are concerned, enables you to move in the right direction and move with the proper amount of force. Accordingly, you will be able to get to where you need to go sooner rather than later.

Sounds good so far, right? 

Well, what if you are unclear about your values? 

This is where people stumble. With the right direction, most people can get from point A to point B. I'm not just talking geographically, I'm also talking about life goals.

For example, given the proper amount of guidance and the proper values, our relationships can be more fulfilling and we can be happier people overall.

The difficulty here is when we're unclear as to what values we should operate with. This may seem pretty weird to you. After all, don't people already subscribe to values? Isn't there some sort of general standard or cultural measure of values? Well, that's how most people think, and that's what causes problems. 

You have to understand that your values have to be your values. You can't just pick them up randomly from other people or from the general culture.

For them to really produce magic in your life, you have to consciously and intentionally select them. This is where most people stumble because most people think that they are just operating on autopilot values. They believe that if they're born in a certain culture, in a certain time, in a certain class, and in a certain context, that their values will naturally follow. 

Well, people are free to think this, but I'm telling you, this is what causes people to live directionless lives.

Deep down inside, your subconscious is feeling imposed upon. It did not have a role in picking out your life's direction. It's not intentional and purposeful for you. It's just something that happened pretty much by accident. You were just at a certain place, at a certain time, at a certain context, and then all this social expectation is placed on you. 

That's how most people operate and it's not a surprise to see why people often have a fuzzy definition of what their values are, much less a definition of those values.

You Have to Own Your Values

The bottom line here is that you cannot just rest on "inherited" values. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to automatically reject all the values that you picked up from your parents, grandparents, your neighbours and your surrounding culture. No. I'm not arguing that at all. 

What I am saying is that you should question the values that you absorb and make sure they fit according to your goals, as well as your conception of who you should be as a person. In other words, you have to take control. You have to be the "air traffic controller" of the values that you are operating by. 

There has to be a higher level of intentionality and purpose and deliberation in the values that you're operating with. This is where lived values come in. Values only have power if you actually test and live them out. So a good first step would be for you to look at all the values that you have "inherited" and test them out. 

Do they make sense in your particular situation? Do you need to tweak them? Do you need to modify them in any way? If worse comes to worst and those values really don't work for you, then you might want to throw them away and replace them with something that produces a better fit. 

This is how you know you are operating based on your own personal autonomy and freedom instead of simple peer pressure. This also how you know if you're operating based on values that you yourself realise as meaningful instead of just living your life on autopilot because of other people's expectations of you. 

Make no mistake about it, the most important and often crushing form of expectation is the expectation placed on you by your parents. At some point in time, you have to mature as an adult and stand on your own two feet and tell them, okay, at this point, I'm living by my own values. These are what makes sense to me. As your child, if you truly respect and love me, please allow me to be my own person. This doesn't mean that I reject you as my parents. No. I still love you. But I just realised certain values that are specific and personal to me that I'd like to live by. All these other things that I inherited from you, I hang on to them not because I'm just going through the motions, but it's because they make sense to me individually. 

Do you see the difference here? In the latter situation, you are exercising a tremendous amount of autonomy and personal power. In the former situation, you're behaving like some sort of pre-programmed robot. Which one would you rather be? 
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article!

That was an excerpt from my book “The Power of Integrity”.

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Richard Schley
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The Analogy of Faith
Written by Richard Schley on April 26th 2019
If you would like to better understand what Faith really is and how you would be able to have more Faith in your life in order to succeed you need to read the following article that I have written for you:
You probably have a passion for certain sporting events and follow these events religiously. Suppose you were to watch a game with the prior knowledge that your team had won, would this knowledge affect how you watched the game?

A soccer fan was torn between watching his team play in a major event and his work. He could not miss reporting to work because that would mean disciplinary action or facing the sack and an uncertain future. On the other hand, he did not want to miss out on the game, he could not imagine his favourite team playing in his absence. To solve this dilemma, he requested a friend to record the game to enable him watch it later — a wise decision compared to risking his job.

As soon as he clocked off from work, he rushed home to watch the event. Before settling down to watch the game, his friend mentioned that his team had won.

How would that knowledge affect his watching of the game? What would be his reaction if his team performed poorly in the first half? Was he going to be nervous? Probably not as long as he trusted in the information imparted by his friend. He could rest in the knowledge that even if the team lost in the first half, they would go on to win the game before the final whistle was blown — his friend had said his team won.

Actually, rather than get nervous and uncomfortable, he would be sitting on the edge of his seat with the anticipation of the moment when his team would turn the table on the rivals and go on the offensive. It had to happen because his team had won the event!

Why would he be so confident? Because he was watching the game backward. He was watching it from a perspective of knowing the end, so everything he is watching now is being viewed in the knowledge that his best team has won and nothing can change that. The only thing he does not know yet is when and how his team will win.

The moment his friend had told him that his team had won, the anxiety he had experienced in the course of the day as he pondered about the possibility of his team losing was lifted. Now, he knew, it was a fact — this is the basis of Faith. If he already knew that his team had won but continued to worry whether they would win or not as he watched the rerun of the game, would you not consider that silly and stupid?

His level of trust that victory is guaranteed is determined by the trust he has in the credibility of his friend. If the source of the information about the performance of his team is credible, he is confident. But, if the information had been gathered from comments made by complete strangers, he would be less assured. In other words, he would only be confident of the outcome of the game only if his source could be trusted and was credible. The only thing that mattered was how well he listened to the source and the trust built over the years about his friend. Everything else depended on those two factors.

Having Faith is similar to watching the rerun of the soccer event. You watch the players run back and forth as they sweat and strain. There are many moments when players in your team make wrong moves and pay heavily for their mistakes. There are times when all seems lost, but all these happenings are irrelevant. You already know who will win when the referee blow the final whistle.

Faith is not just watching a rerun of a game with the prior knowledge or a positive attitude. Faith is not trying to ignore the losing moments or mustering confidence when things do not look promising. It is not about thinking and speaking positively in the face of certain defeat. Faith is not something you muster on your own from within. Instead, it is something you get from without.

True Faith is determined by what a person knows before the event takes place. If you do not have more information about an event compared to everyone around you as the event takes place, you will be anxious just like the rest of the people watching the unfolding events. True Faith has prior knowledge about the game before it unfolds. Faith consists of prior knowledge of victory before it occurs. And this is what gives you peace and assurance. You may know about the coming victory in detail or just have the assurance in your heart that you will win. Both ways, it communicates a knowledge of victory. That is what imparts Faith.

Romans 10:17 says “So Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ”.

The peace and victory you experience during an event is determined by hearing from God before the game begins. To have this knowledge beforehand, you must spend enough time listening to Him. The stronger the trust in the hearing,’ the less likely you will be influenced by the unfolding game.

Once you know the outcome, you own the outcome. And you are expected to retain and protect the ownership of that knowledge through patience until the miracle happens.

If you know God’s will in every aspect of your life, you would have peace in every area of your life. To get there, you have to hear from God and be able to watch the game of life with peace. The things received from God during the private briefing moments determine the victories manifested later in public.

Now, you might argue that life is not as simple as watching a game. In life you are not just watching a game unfolding, instead, you are participating in the game. You are the person straining, sweating, going back and forth and getting hit. And that is not all, there are loved ones participating in the game and they are getting hit. Some of them may be playing for the opposing team and that can really hurt. The good news is that God’s principles remain the same.

With God, winning is guaranteed.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article!

That was an excerpt from my book “Miracles & Magic”.

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